Fish in a Barrel? Nah…

I haven’t been posting much this quarter because I’m a kind and generous person. No, really.

You see, most of my interactions with my classmates this quarter have been over our school’s Canvas message boards. When people post on the boards, I have access to their comments for my entire graduate school career, unless they wise up, go back, and delete the comments.

This thorough documentation and permanent archive makes fisking just too damn easy. It isn’t even like shooting fish in a barrel. It’s like shooting a barrel that happens to already be full of dead fish.

However, now that we’re starting Week 8, the overall situation has gotten to be so ridiculous that I’ve stopped wanting to be a kind and generous person. Instead, I want to go back to being a science teacher so that I can help them understand the basics they’ve gotten wrong.

And then I want to use those to decimate my classmates’ theologies.

So, upcoming: A few posts about common mistakes seminary students make about science, and the real-world consequences thereof. Stay tuned.